People deal with tragedy in many different ways. Some stay to themselves, some choose to talk to a professional to help sort through their emotions, and some use creative outlets as a productive release.

Tragedy struck on September 28th of last year when Dominique Tyrell White was shot and killed by The Topeka Police Department. Unfortunately, stories such as his are common today. It's too easy to forget how many people, (especially people of color), have been murdered at the hands of police officers- members of the very force that should be protecting our lives.

Tacoma based artist B.A Scribe Mecca took to his passion for music after the loss of his cousin. Through the pain and suffering of losing a loved one, he emerged with a new project, Luv.

Luv is more than an EP. Luv is a release. It is a dedication. It is a reminder that this life, gone too soon, was more than just a birth and death date. This was the life of a son, a father, and a man who had real thoughts. A man whose cousin, in mourning, decided to birth something beautiful in the wake of death; to shine a light in the darkness, in hopes that his cousin may live through his words.


The project, produced exclusively by DJ Grumble, begins with my favorite track, Reign (Living). This track urges us to make the best out of what we have while we're still living and continue to push forward. Scribe motivates while simultaneously throwing an unapologetic black fist into the air. 

"Black power the only power that's universal."-'REIGN'

I'm here, there, and everywhere for it. Set over relaxed production with an old school feel, Reign is the perfect introduction track.

Next, we're flying high on Ajna (Shining Hawk). Now this is a song you have to listen to more than once. 'Ajna' is another name for the third eye chakra. Also known as the pineal gland, it is made stronger through spiritual practices such as meditation & yoga. With witty wordplay, BA takes life and literally spells it out for you in ways you never thought of. Give this track a second, third, and fourth listen. I bet you'll pick up another gem each time.

We find ourselves taking a quick look into Scribe's mind on Omaru Freestyle. It's as if he's telling a story or recounting a dream, but it actually sounds really good. I love the nostalgic references he provides with the mention of DBZ characters.

In Missing the Mark, we witness true transparency. Scribe admits that although Luv is a dedication for Dominique, he feels as if he missed the mark, not really telling his cousin's story. The fact that this skit is even included on the project is a testament to how wrong his notion is. Honesty and raw emotion are rare these days and Luv is authentic artistic expression. It took courage among many other talents to create this EP and although I did not personally know Dominique, I'm sure he would be honored.

"And I don't give a fuck about this shit at all now, when I get that check I'll mail that to my mama..." - 'Bet I'

It is as if we're seeing the world through BA's mind on Bet I (Feelings). He gives more insight on how he views the world and shares some of his feelings and inner thoughts. The song takes on a nonchalant tone, and DJ Grumble's groovy production pairs with the artistic tone like sharp cheddar and fine wine.

Wrapping up the EP is Astra (Same Nigga), which contains a slick sample of my favorite Rihanna track, Same Ol' Mistakes. The message here? BA Scribe Mecca is not for the switch up. He gives a shout out to his hometown of Topeka, Kansas, while nodding to the PNW where he currently resides. Regardless of where he's from or where he may go, one thing is for sure- he's still going to be that same nigga. *Authenticity Certified*

While Luv is merely 6 tracks, it carries the power of a full length project. Scribe Mecca is able to use his music as an emotional release, all the while educating, motivating, and provoking new lanes of thought that may not have been unlocked elsewhere. There are undeniable parallels between this and his last EP, The Shrouded Door. Dropped on Election Day in 2016, the project brought light to police brutality and many other racial injustices faced by people of color today.

It also gave us a few early previews of Bad Yoshi, an emerging ensemble featuring Scribe Mecca, artist Yodi Mac, and the somewhat elusive producer behind The Shrouded Door, Wffls. Their debut album is set to drop within the coming months, so be on the look out.

As for Luv, when you listen, make sure that not only your ears, but your mind, too, is open. You may be surprised what good you can take in.

RIP Dominique Tyrell White.


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