Back with the same formula which worked perfectly in Luv, ScribeMecca returns with a new single, Glo. Once again, he enlists go-to producer DJ Grumble for his pristine production.

Scrolling through Scribe's SoundCloud, you'll see a hefty handful of DJ Grumble produced tracks and listening to them, you'll see exactly why. The Boston producer has a penchant for setting the mood so it's jusssssst right. Blending his scholarly studies in chemistry with his passion for music, he pulls from a periodic table of musical elements to craft up something fitting for each artist he works with. It's just as evident in his work with Dreamville's Ari Lennox as it is in ScribeMecca's latest single.

In Glo, Scribe delivers a message of self love. In a world where people seem to want to mold you into this or that, it's important to keep your own flavor, persevere, and hold on to what sets you apart.

"Don't take no, don't take no... Keep it wavy baby, can't nobody stop you."

The song is short and sweet, clocking in at just under two and a half minutes. It begins with a brief interlude which brings up the touchy subject of police killings. Then, in come the uplifting production and lyrics. By the end of the song, you've picked up a slight glow yourself. 

Hear the latest from Scribe & Grumbs below. I'll keep my fingers crossed for more from the two.

PS: Y'all can keep the sauce. I want the Glo.


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