DMV artist Msanii is kicking all the negativity out of his life with his first release of the year. The catchy track was originally set to be a cover of BlocBoy JB's Shoot, but he decided to put his own spin on it. Writing his own verses to the spruced up production provided by his engineer Jamal The Great, Msanii birthed Boot.

"Out the door, you get the boot, boot, boot. Waste my time you get the boot, boot, boot. Outta line you get the boot, boot, boot."

"Msanii" translates to "artist" in Swahili. What drew me to this artist's music was his confident flow which pairs perfectly with his Eastcoast flavor. In Boot, he is straight to the point regarding his environment. When asked if a specific situation influenced the song, he chuckled and explained that it was for anyone putting a strain on what he's trying to do. Understandable.


The Renaissance, released back in Summer of 2015, was Msanii's last solo project. Upon first listen, it's apparent that this confident flow is nothing new. He raps over diverse production from a variety producers, sneaking in sly metaphors when you least expect it, all the while telling a story. 

His next project was a joint effort with fellow DMV artist ALChike called HeavyVille Chronicles. Within these 8 tracks, we see Msanii experimenting with his cadence a bit, joined by an artist with a similar sound.

While The Renaissance was a story of Msanii's rebirth, HeavyVille Chronicles was a musical account of life in his hometown of Hyattsville, MD. We've gotten a few sporadic singles since then, most recently Boot.

It's been while since we've received a full length solo project from Msanii, and while the singles are great, I'm hoping an album is in the works. I'm very curious to see how he'll choose his production and use his progressed musical abilities to formulate a cohesive project. Until then, be like him and if anyone stands between you and your goals, go ahead and give them the



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