After delivering a reserved ultimatum in the form of song Grapes a few months back, Heather Chelan has returned with another sweet yet soulful single.

In the song, Jaded, we hear a familiar narrative. Dealing with the uncertainties in a relationship that has become distant, she comes to the conclusion that she's not confused, not complicating things, but just a little jaded. *Kanye Shrug*

It's clear that things haven't always been bad though. Reminiscing about better times, Heather briefly touches on what seems to be all but gone.

"The way that you see me, the rose color's lost. Some days you're my bestfriend, but when I need you, you're gone..."

This is not your typical pre-break-up song. Instead of wishing ill will upon the other, Heather sticks to the facts and is up front about her feelings. It's as if she's saying "It's not you, it's us," and accepting that when it's over, it's over.

Again, she channels production from UK producer Fred Cox who joins forces with LA based Lophiile, creating a jazzy and serene tune, a perfect pairing for Heather's vocals and subject matter. The sound is natural, with recognizable instruments which conjure a craving for a live performance of the song.

That craving was quenched when shortly after the studio release of Jaded, Heather gifted us with a stripped down version of the track. It is just her, her voice, Fred Cox, & his guitar. And it is quite literally music to our ears. Although the studio production is wonderful, the minimal musical backing in her video allows for a clear and concise listen to the Seattle native's beautiful vocals.

Considering that this is the second single I've heard from Ms. Chelan, I'm impressed. Her subject matter seems considerably consistent, leading me to think a project is in the works. Is it just speculation? Wishful thinking? Both? I'm not sure. But what I am sure of is that I'm keeping an eye and an ear out for more from Heather Chelan.

Listen to Jaded above, watch the stripped down performance below, and stay tuned to this for future updates. We've gotcha covered.


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