My name is Akunna and a wise man once told me that my pen will take me far.

We were sitting in my car at Alki Beach, enjoying a late Summer session in 2017. Our deep inhales quickly produced deep conversations. We spoke about life; goals, travels, lessons, etc. (Pun intended.) I expressed my uncertainty with my future in writing. I was unsure if I should continue, unsure if I were “good enough,” and unsure if “anyone cared.”

What I was sure of was that I loved it- I loved the music, I loved the events, and I loved sharing both through my writing. But still, there was always that crippling uncertainty.

That narrative was fairly common that summer. I’ve always been my own worst critic, especially with writing. But I looked up to this man, and he had read my work, so I truly valued his opinion. Naturally, when he said my pen would take me far, I believed him. I believed in myself.

Fast forward to present day, January 1st 2019.

Today marks one year since I’ve been a contributor at eTc Tacoma.

And though the past year was a tough one, I’ve been honored to have a black owned platform, based in a beautiful city, to share my writing on. eTc is more than a “brand.” eTc is community, it is music, it is art, and it is a Pacific Northwest staple.

This year, I’ve written about music, mostly from people of color, mostly from local artists. Hopefully I’ve helped you discover some new favorites. I’ve written about events that occur here in Washington State, mostly put on by independent creatives. Hopefully I’ve helped you relive the pleasant moments or experience ones that you’ve missed.

Thank you to the whole eTc team for welcoming me.

Thank you to anyone who has ever retweeted, liked, commented, or read anything I’ve published here.

Thank you to every artist or creative I’ve covered or interacted with.

Thank you to that wise man from Tacoma.

You have all inspired me.

In 2019, I will continue to do what I’ve done and much more. I wish everyone a prosperous and delightful year. Believe in yourself and focus on your craft. It can take you far.


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