I'll let 2018 finish, but Perry Porter just dropped the most compelling visual I've seen all year. 

Channel Surfing Short Film is a twisted, yet tasty taste of Porter's latest full length music project, mid-January released Channel Surfing.

To call it a mere 'music video' would be downright irresponsible. In slightly over 5 minutes, the visual surely packs a punch, keeping you engaged, curious, and slightly off balance. But in the very best way!

Chris & Aaron of Come Correct Media.

Chris & Aaron of Come Correct Media.

Hats off to Chris Herrero & Aaron Pratt of Come Correct Media, directors and producers of the film. Though fairly new to the business, the dynamic media duo quickly carved a lane for themselves within their craft, garnering notable clients and creating crisp content which always laves a lasting impression on its viewers. 

Their product speaks for itself here, exhibiting a careful attention to detail. The timing, the camera angles, the visual effects, THE LIGHTING, and so much more... Each aspect is on point in its own unique way, living up to its namesake and coming quite correctly.

Your pupils will dilate at the fascinating visuals. Your ears will perk up at Porter's eccentric and energized soundscapes. And your curiosity will keep you coming back for more, re-watching in wonder, each time noticing a detail or feature you had previously overlooked. The brilliance of it all lies in one simple fact:

Perry Porter is a channel surfer.

A living, breathing artist in every sense in the word, he navigates through artistic mediums, always on a wave of his own. Paintbrush in one hand, mic in the other, and a whole lot more in his pocket and mind alike.

Illustrating  Channel Surfing  live, Perry performs a musical set while live painting at Upstream Music Fest.  Photo by  @UkulelePunk.

Illustrating Channel Surfing live, Perry performs a musical set while live painting at Upstream Music Fest.

Photo by @UkulelePunk.

In Channel Surfing Short Film, Perry invites you to channel surf with him, but neither of you knows who is handling the remote. He provides 3 songs to soundtrack the adventure- Pull Up, Corners, & Bobby Rozay. Artistic scenery anchors the entire production, representing not only the artist, but the art itself. It's brilliant, in so, so many ways, concepts warmly nestled within concepts like inception.

I could go on and on about this visual. But I've said enough while not saying much at all. So the question is... Are you ready to channel surf?

"Just inhale, and count to 3."

PS: Catch all the action live- Perry will be opening up for Seaan Brooks at Alma Mater Tacoma on July 27th. It's a party in the T. Don't miss it.