We've got another one from Tacoma's Seaan Brooks.


He recently released yet another visual from his latest album When All Else Fails. The album, released in late Fall of 2017, was 11 tracks long. Each track was like a small slice of the artist's mind.

In my personal favorite track, Let It Go, Brooks unpacks some frustration, speaking of the state of the world and how he has attempted to cope. In You Got It featuring Will Jordan, he takes a more sensual route, slyly speaking to a woman he admires.

I had the chance to sit down with SB late last year to discuss his album, creative process, and more. (Check that interview out here.) One thing that stuck with me was the final question I asked him.

AA: So what should we expect to see from you in this upcoming year?

SB: We're going to put out a lot of videos. Not just music videos, but just a lot more content

And he has been delivering since then. This is the 3rd visual from the album. Prior to the release, Seaan dropped Let It Go, a memorable video directed by LexScope. Next, came KReam Team produced Tighten Up, a Local Boy Media production. Now, he presents Crash, another Local Boy- directed visual.

One can draw parallels from these two latest visual releases. Most of his visuals depict a solo Seaan, and I'm all for crew love, but this depiction is so fitting. When All Else Fails is mostly a personal album. From the lyrics, you can tell that some of these thoughts have been brewing in his mind for quite awhile. To have all the homies and homegirls in the video, all the extras, would be just that- extra. It's refreshing and welcomed to see visuals that are cohesive with the content.

Local Boy adds in flairs that portray the mood and vibe of the track. The flashes of turbulence reflect an unsteady mind, one where solitude may be the best solution.

Check out the visual below and make sure you cop tickets to Seaan Brook's show on July 21st at Alma Mater Tacoma. It has been awhile since he last headlined a show, so this is long overdue. The show will also feature music by Perry Porter, so we are all in for a treat.

Get your tickets here & don't meet me there, beat me there.


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