This week, my hump day was rocked by a couple of babes with an aux cord.


We've all been there before... You're in a car, your friend has the aux, and they just aren't getting it right. You know, when you're on the way to a party and they start playing slow jams, Usher is in your ear talking about "Let It Burn" and the only thing you actually want to burn is the iPhone from which Mr. Raymond's voice is originating from?

Or when you're on your way to a Drake concert, and someone decides to play some Meek Mill? Or someone wants to "be funny" and throws on some Ice JJ Fish?

While perhaps not by those specific experiences, (those might be personal), I'm sure we can all agree that at least once we have been tempted to say, (or actually have had to say)

"Man, pass the aux!"

And revoke one's DJ privileges either for the day, or indefinitely.

On Wednesday night, that is exactly what DID NOT happen.

A Miss Casey Carter production, Babes With The Aux was essentially just that- Stylish women with good taste in music taking over the Crocodile Backbar with their crisp, curated playlists. The music was provided by Casey Carter herself, Zoe, Sweets, & Izzy Vibes.

Doors opened at 8PM and I arrived around 9:30, straight from work, and ready to dance. Izzy's playlist was up, providing classic cuts as well as more recent local jams. I didn't hesitate to hit the dancefloor when I heard Vegas Girl, a smooth song that recently released right out of the PNW by MistaDC & Jamie Blake. And you bet I was vibing to Last Kiss by Overdoz, giving me flashbacks of the most energetic set ever, provided by the Oakland rap quartet on eTc's stage at this year's Upstream Music Fest. Not to mention the mix of Outkast, Solange, 2 Chainz, and more- tracks that I didn't exactly know I wanted to dance to... until I did.

By around 10:30PM, the room had thickened. The event drew a semi-diverse crowd. Mostly women were in attendance, showcasing a variety of ages, personalities and styles. I met a woman visiting from California who just happened to stumble upon the event with her friend, a spectacular local photographer who I introduced to the Moscow Mule, and a gentleman who took a risk accepting a coworker's invitation out, but actually had an amazing time. While some acted as spectators, hanging on the edge of the dancefloor and sipping their drinks, others were all the way up and moving.

I'm sure you can guess that I fell into the latter category. I'm a dancing @$$ woman and I'm still surprised at the fact that I was able to 2 step, bounce, jig, gig, and bop as much as I did last night- all without an official DJ in sight. Some danced, others ate pizza, others networked. I did all three and thoroughly enjoyed the night. The music was on point and the atmosphere buzzed with a curious energy.

for the 99s.png

Casey Carter, leading lady of The Blow Up, is known for her party planning prowess, among other great talents, so if you missed Babes With The Aux, no need to worry. She'll be bringing us the throwback dance party of the Summer on July 3rd at Neumos- For the 99's and the 2000's: A Dance Party Celebrating the Greatest Era Of Club Cuts. 

Now I know that the Seattle Freeze has some of you afraid to step toe (or foot) in the direction of a dancefloor, but the music isn't going anywhere and neither am I. Summer is only heating up! So grab your best 90's gear, get your tickets here, and beat me there.

PS: To the babes who had the aux last night, you can DJ for me anytime. :)

PPS: We also had the pleasure of hearing an unreleased Moor Gang cut by Jarv Dee & Gifted Gab. I need that song in my life soon pls. Thank you.