Avi Loud and Victoria Kovios are like fraternal photography twins.

This summer they came together to display some of their favorite portraits in a bold collection they named:


There is something magical about a photographer capturing the essence of another human being in one perfect shot. I had the opportunity to attend the opening night of Dynamism and believe me when I say that there was magic in more than just the photos that night.

As I entered The Bakeréé, I felt it in the air. The environment was just buzzing with this cool energy, only enhanced by the musical stylings of DJ House Plants & Stas Thee Boss. I walked through the space, admiring each photo on display, and with each step, I became increasingly elated. I saw some familiar faces, both in the portraits and the room. They were the faces of Seattle and beyond. Creatives in all forms, artists with many mediums...

I soon found myself playing a little game. I would observe a photo and ask myself "Avi or Vic?" And I was usually wrong. The two undoubtedly have similar styles, from the angles they choose to shoot from, to the richness in their coloring at times, and even the subjects in their photos.

Avi, a Seattle native, is a multi talented creative who draws inspiration from all things.

"...Portraits are a part of capturing people's entities, their character, who they are. I think it's important for people to feel good about how they're represented- or for there to be representation in the first place."

We went on to talk about how he and Victoria's subjects are mostly people of color, and the comfort of community that their work brings about, the same feeling I felt upon my arrival that night.

Photo by  Nam Nice.

Victoria is originally from Toronto and moved to the Seattle area about 7 years ago. We spoke about her passion for taking portraits. "I'm better with one on one interactions," she explained. The rawness of it is important to her, as she does minimal editing to her photos. 

"How much for Shabazz?" an excited attendee asked, referring to Victoria's shot of the iconic Seattle hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces. 

Dynamism was more than just a photo show. It was a community gathering which brought together creative minds, all in the name of art. It was for us, by us. And it was beautiful. 

View more of their work at their websites below.

Avi Loud | Victoria Kovios




Photos by Nam Nice.

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