What you do get when you pair music, art, cannabis, community, and an intuitive organization called Heylo Cannabis

You get Heylo Sessions, a community driven, music, art, and educational experience which will take you to even higher highs than your last session. 

In July, I partnered with Heylo Cannabis and guest-curated Heylo Sessions V. The evening was filled with delights. Perry Porter brought a blank canvas to life, live painting a beautiful piece throughout the night. Stas Thee Boss graced us with not only a DJ set, but a live performance as well, drawing the crowd into a musical trance. And capping the night off with an engaging set that had people up and dancing, was Mr. Otieno Terry.

Held at the magical Winston House, a cannabis-friendly, energy filled Airbnb on Beacon Hill, (and one of my favorite places,) the night was a special one indeed. If you missed it, or if you’d like to relive the evening, check out the official recap video splendidly shot by Jobe Layton below.

As you can see, Heylo Sessions is a sensory experience with pleasant things to hear, see, taste, feel, smell, and inhale.

This past Saturday, October 6th, we teamed up with Leafly, The Reef Capitol Hill, True Terpenes, Washington Bud Co, PAX Vapor, Svin Garden & Cannacter for Heylo Sessions VI.

Our mission was to keep Summer alive for one more day and we definitely succeeded. Even the sun came out to join us.


Eyes were captured by not only the beautiful displays that each collaborator provided, but also by the eclectic and ethereal piece that Izzy Vibezzz painted during the event. Guests enjoyed seeing her progress over the span of the evening, stopping by and staring in awe, snapping photos and commenting on her style of painting and speediness. In the end, the final piece was raffled off to an excited winner. (Congrats, Megan!)


Ears were blessed with summer sounds provided by DJ Wffls, who played mixes with the perfect ratio of global to local and new school to old school cuts. His musical styling is like the dish at the barbecue that ALWAYS runs out early. It’s not an acquired taste, but rather, everyone enjoys it. And everyone goes back for seconds if they can. On Saturday, they were served third and fourth helpings, with Wffls commanding the boards nearly all night, creating Summer feels in the cold. (And he played Cold Weather by Dave B. So relevant!)

The summer sounds didn’t stop there though. Our headlining artist JusMoni took the stage and our hearts in two waves. Backed by Sessions alumna Stas Thee Boss, she wrangled eyes and ears, performing original songs with a delivery that seemed to lift us ever higher. For some, it was believed to be impossible, but it was done. And if you were there, you know what I mean.  

JusMoni & Stas Thee Boss captured by Mellina Cusack White.

JusMoni & Stas Thee Boss captured by Mellina Cusack White.

Now, we all know a session isn’t quite complete without the snacks, so of course we had to share some of those! An ice cream sundae bar satisfied sweet teeth with a variety of toppings in a DIY setup. And for those savory cravings, barbecue meatballs were served along with pigs in a blanket, (technically chicken in a comforter, for those who don’t eat pork.) Not one savory serving was left uneaten, so it’s safe to assume that they were enjoyed.

Another important factor of a session is the setting. This Session was hosted at the lovely home of Mellina and Sarah White Cusack, a stylish and welcoming abode in West Seattle. The doors were open for us all and our collaborators created a different feel in each room. From joint and merch giveaways to customized laser engraved PAX vape pens, the Heylo Tasting Bar, dabsharing, and terpine education, this event truly brought several experiences wrapped in a thick, green bow. The many smiling faces were a testament to that.

Thank you to all who attended, all of our collaborators, artists, and our gracious hosts. This couldn’t have been possible without you all.

After guest curating one session, it is truly a pleasure to officially be a part of the Heylo Sessions team. My aim is to bring you great things and I promise you, the best is yet to come. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter - @HeyloSessions and stay tuned for more.  

…Because there certainly is more where all of the above came from.  

PS: Mark your calendars- the next Heylo Sessions will take place on December 8th, 2018!


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