I was jolted back to reality by the sound of a glass making contact with the cocktail table in front of me.

My gaze shifted from the screen ahead to the origin of the sound, then up to the culprit, who was oblivious to the fact that she had snatched me from my stupor. I rolled my eyes.

In real time, I was at Bait Shop, a homely bar on Broadway.

In my mind, I was submerged in the visual playing before me, amongst melanated QueenS of all shades and shapes, donning bright garments and jewelry, body art, and a natural glow. The visual was over 5 years old, starring younger versions of Stas THEE Boss & Sassy Black.

Back then, they were TheeSatisfaction.

I was first introduced to the two as solo artists, shortly after their disbanding, but Just One More Thing caused me to dive deep into their discography and now I get it. Together, they are like the dreamy collab that I never knew I wanted. But it didn't matter. Because they already were. They are unapologetic black women, oozing melanin out of their messages which are deeper than the moving visuals they present. They feel like home. I was pleasantly lost in their world until the aforementioned woman slammed her drink down.

I found myself lost in Black Constellation several more times that night. The evening was filled with sounds and visuals from the eclectic collective. JusMoni's sweet voice filled the air at one point while a fresh faced Porter Ray appeared on screen. Shabazz Palaces presented an audible encounter with Quazarz while OCnotes' visuals flashed before me.

Not to mention the production backing much of the music, from genius producer and musician Erik Blood, (who gives the best hugs), and stylings in many of the visuals from artist Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes.

Photo courtesy of Stas THEE Boss.

Photo courtesy of Stas THEE Boss.

Photo courtesy of Stas THEE Boss.

Photo courtesy of Stas THEE Boss.

There is nothing 'regular' about Black Constellation.

Each member embodies the word creative and takes it to new levels on planes we didn't know existed. JusMoni's voice is just heavenly. Porter Ray's storytelling flow over his choice production keeps you more engaged than your typical, traditional rap song can. Shabazz Palaces is quite literally out of this world in content and delivery. Stas' DJ mixes keep you on your feet and her live performances keep you on your toes. Erik Blood's production makes you give that second, then third listen. OCnotes keeps your brain zooming, but overall demeanor calmer than chamomile. Maikoiyo's art makes you rethink your closet, as well as your life. Do your research. You'll be delighted by your findings.

Much like the stars in the sky, they are interconnected, and there is always more than meets the eye. Although this post is not all inclusive, I was in awe with what I saw and heard that night. And what I felt- A strong family bond that distance nor time could try to break. One that was formed beyond the stars, somewhere deep in the universe, perhaps in a previous life. 

Thank you for your existence.


PS: Major shoutouts to the masterminds behind this great event- Sharlese, McKenna, & Dusty.

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