When I think of JusMoni, the song 'This Little Light of Mine' comes to mind.

She definitely has a light, and while it is far from little, she so graciously lets it shine brightly through her personality and music alike.

The Seattle native possesses this voice. It is sweet, yet powerfully so. And when she sings, it's like she's sprinkling blessings over listeners with every note. Each word resonates with feeling.

I recently had the opportunity to receive some of these blessings myself at the release party for Sweet to Me, JusMoni's latest album. And yes, the event was just like the album’s title insists- SWEET.

With a line up consisting of solely black women, Sweet To Me Release Party was a brilliant display of Black Girl Magic.

DJs Kween Kay$h & Yaddy Ye provided a variety of tunes throughout the evening, from slow jams that incited some serious two stepping, to throwback tracks such as Right Thurr by Chingy, which caused a pretty impressive chicken head battle on the dancefloor. (Luckily, I did not participate.)

Falon Sierra opened up the show with a stunning performance. Though I don't get to see the Seattle singer perform very often, it's always a treat when I do. Falon is as wavy as the curls on her head. Her sound, rooted in RnB, also holds a light grungy feel to it. Though that may sound off, it's definitely on, in the best way. A crowd favorite of her set was her powerful cover of Beyoncé's song Freedom. (Or dare I say, Falon's song.) Really though, she bodied that. With multiple shows set for this Summer, (Including Capitol Hill Block Party), I'm sure I'll be seeing more of Falon Sierra soon.

Next, Stas Thee Boss took the stage. Known for her ability to burn up the boards, she may be your favorite DJ. Also the host of KEXP's Street Sounds, she may be your favorite radio host. But have you seen her perform though? Have you? Performing song from last year's S'Women, Stas presented a performance/DJ hybrid set which the crowd was really rockin' with. As she rapped, her body became a part of the song, hands fluttering through the air, body as fluid as water. A true performer indeed. Along with the previously released album tracks, she also slipped in some unreleased exclusives. (We heard it there first!) As much as I love her DJ sets, I'd love to see Stas on the mic more often. Perhaps I will. *Wink Wink*

After another musical interlude, it was time for the JusMoni to take the stage.

Fashioned in a dress almost as velvety as her voice, signature 'PAWER' tattoo showing proudly on her chest, JusMoni began her set. She eased us in with tracks from her first full length project, JusMoni as Saffroniaa. The project was my introduction to JusMoni and when she performed If I, I felt that.

"If I, If I, If I would've gave up… When I wanted to..."

She sang, I cried. I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit it either. I know it's called a release party due to the release of the music, but that light I mentioned earlier? It's not like she simply wants to let it shine. It's as if she has to. It's as if every fiber in her being wants to push out this sweet song, and it’s such a delight to both singer and listener when it surfaces.

I was drifting in a blue and orange daze throughout her set, thoroughly enjoying each song. It wouldn't be right if I didn't shout out Chop Suey for their impressive lighting and sound system. It visually and sonically enhanced the show, which was already great on its own. I was impressed.

Special guests during JusMoni’s set included Nate Jack, Wax (The Producer), and Stas, who traded her 1’s & 2’s for the mic yet again, assisting Moni for a few joint tracks. 

Stepping down from the stage, Moni added a cherry atop an already sweet night, joining the audience for her last couple of songs. We all took a few steps back, giving her space to perform while remaining close, taking in all that we could.

JusMoni sings of love, life, and relationships on Sweet To Me. Her voice, paired with such dreamy soundscapes, make the project seem like a fantasyland of sorts. And that is exactly how the release party felt. A huge thank you thank all who were involved.

I know my words may do the event justice, but the music? That is a whole separate story. So press play above and satisfy that sweet tooth with Sweet To Me by JusMoni.