In late January, ParisAlexa graced the world with her debut EP, Bloom.

Crafted like an intricate bouquet, the project showcases Paris' vocals in 7 organic tracks- a beautiful, ribbon wrapped bunch. She soulfully guides you from humble dirt beginnings, (Hole In The Ground), to full on harvest and change of seasons (Leaves & Seasons), illustrating love as a plant's life cycle.

Her voice is flowy and cascading in some parts. It's bluesy in songs like Gardens featuring MistaDC. It's jazzy in Dandelion. And It's consistently good. Track to track, it evokes warm memories. It's a 90's R&B feel. But it's actually 2018. And that's what makes it even better.

The floral themed project was clever in more ways than one. We are quite literally watching ParisAlexa bloom right before our eyes.

Bloom said "Here I am."

And recently released FLEXA is saying "...To Stay."

A bold follow up to Bloom, FLEXA is 4 swift tracks of slight flex, and rightfully so. The project came just days after Paris' engaging performance at Upstream Music Fest. It starts with LV, an ode to her handy Louis Vuitton bag.

"I aint really got no bling, I don't wear no chain. You know when you see me round town, I be doin' my thang..."

It's authentic. It's that same sweet voice we heard on Bloom, but tougher this time, more self assured. More comfortable.

Opening track LV transitions into  Ballin, which was our first introduction to FLEXA by way of its Swim Team - directed visual. The video features a cameo from Seattle artist Romaro Franceswa. The reflective track celebrates growth and expansion, a stamp on ParisAlexa's passport throughout her life AND music journey. On to Like Me Better, a bright and brave statement track where choosing oneself is the main directive. Then, the closing track Hard Way, where the tougher road was taken by the other party. (Their bad.) 


FLEXA in its entirety is chock full of spunk that we didn't quite see in Bloom. It is ParisAlexa in full bravado, further proving an undeniable replay value and wisdom beyond her 19 years of life.

ParisAlexa is truly Seattle's sweetheart. And watching her bloom is such a pleasure. We can't wait to see what she will do next. Her possibilities are endless. Check out Bloom, then FLEXA, then keep your eyes fixed upwards. Because that is the direction that ParisAlexa is going.


Akunna AmaefuleComment