Missed Calls 2018: Legacy x Jango feat. Kung Foo Grip

Prior to last year’s Upstream Music Fest, If you would’ve asked me if I had heard of Jango, I would’ve assumed you were referring to the award-winning 2012 film, Django Unchained.

Now if you ask me if I’ve heard of Jango, I may burst out in song.

On June 1st, the first day of Upstream, the Spokane native released his latest track. It’s a song that has left a lasting impression, which is only right by its name and subject matter- Legacy. The song features Seattle’s dynamic duo Kung Foo Grip.

Although I missed Jango’s set at the festival, he joined KFG for theirs, and I heard Legacy for the first time; performed live. I’ve seen KFG live and I know that they bring the energy, but what I did not expect was the bolt of energy that was Jango that night.

The opening lines of the song were like loading bars. He started off in a low voice, bouncing lightly on his feet. A concentrated look took over his face as the beat built up, his brow lightly furrowed.

“Let’s talk about legacy… First year in the business, (aww) aint no one next to me. First year in the business, (aww) what a blessing to see. Legacy, legacy, legacy. I don’t see nobody next to me. I’m too focused on the legacy. WHOA.”

The “whoa” was a resounding one. From that point on, energy radiated out from the stage, the 3 artists feeding off of each other’s vigor. Their energy was on 110%, and rightfully so. Legacy gets you hype. It makes you want to work harder. It makes you wonder what you’ll leave behind when there is no longer a “you” on this earth.

The message is clear: Focus on your legacy and don’t waste energy checking on anyone else’s.

And that message does not fall on deaf ears. Just last month, NFL Quarterback Cam Newton used the track for a video published to his Instagram, showing off some memorable moments of his career. If this song can motivate an NFL Player, you might want to add it to one of your playlists also.

At one point, Spokane was not a city that I thought of when the subject of Pacific Northwest music came up, but after meeting Jango & T.S The Solution at Upstream, that has definitely changed. It’s beautiful to see what happens when collaborations transcend cities. It’s beautiful to see what the Pacific Northwest can create together.

The memorable visual for Legacy, directed by Justin Frick, was released in August. It gives a peek at the energy Jango and KFG posses during their live performances. They ride in a DeLorean, Back to the Future style, a play off of the fact that they’re talking about what they’ll leave behind for a future without them in it. Clever.

Watch the video below and keep in mind the central message of Legacy Ask yourself this question:

What type of legacy will I leave behind?


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