Missed Calls 2018: Orange Suit x J'Von

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With his adorable Catman animations, his original production, and his conversational, occasionally scat-like flow, Seattle native J’Von is quite the talented individual.

His latest full length release is a flavorful 4 track EP entitled Orange Suit. The album artwork is bright and humourous, picturing his cartoon likeness, Catman, donning an orange jumpsuit and seemingly falling from the sky into an orange void. The parental advisory sticker specifies the reason for its very presence: “Says N Word Once,” it reads.

In the opening track, Orange Beanie, J’Von finds himself approaching an interest at a party which nearly takes a turn for the worse. Due to his attraction to this woman, he decides to take advantage of the fleeting moment.

“Life made of chances, so I took it. Told her that I wanna read her story cause the cover on the book lit.”

If you’re familiar with J’Von’s work, then you're no stranger to Catman. I’m sure you’ll also agree that one of the joys of J’s music is picturing Catman in the scenarios he sings about, and seeing how he brings the song to life through his animations. A great example of this is the looped visual for Orange Beanie above.

Waiting to See U Like All Night, details an undeniable attraction to an unworthy recipient. Instead of returning the love, they seem to prefer playing games and dishing out shady communication. Regardless, he’s still eager to see them. It’s been awhile.

The beat changes to a smooth instrumental for the last 14 seconds of the song. It seems out of place at first, but we soon realize that it is a smooth lead into the next song, Walk Away. The switch up is fitting, as the subject of the song seems set on switching up as well. Another ungrateful recipient who only wants him when he’s up and decides to leave when the going gets tough.

“We were just kicking it the other day, how you gon walk away? When I do the things I do for you and make everything so beautiful…“ J sings out in a melancholy tone.

We get an unexpected chopped & slopped mix at the end of the track which cements the question asked on the hook- “How you gon walk away?!”

The final track, Green Beanie is set post-breakup. The accompanying visual shows the infamous ex doing anything but thinking about Catman while proudly displaying a poster of him with an X over it. (Yikes.)

Although she claims not to think about him anymore, he definitely still has her on the brain. Reflecting on the relationship, he turns it over in his mind and tries to pinpoint where it went wrong.

I’m guilty of doing the same. It’s interesting how a breakup can change your perception of how things once were. This track showcases J’Von’s storytelling flow. It’s almost as if he’s performing a spoken word piece. His tone is casual and it effortlessly glides over the acoustic-like production, a dreamy dance with the serene strings.

Orange Suit as a whole is laced with clever lines. You can tell that J’Von has a sense of humor. Examples: “Feeling like I got more sauce than Paul Newman.” & “They called us a match, yeah we burned quickly.“ 

Though the production possesses several layers, it’s simple in the best way. The guitar always seems to stand out & make for a more intimate feel. It sounds like J’Von is performing just for you.   

Besides the opening track, the subject matter circles around relationships, mostly wronged ones. This makes it a relatable project, and I know I’m not just speaking for myself on that one.

Orange Suit was released in July, just two months after Spacesuit, the surprise joint EP J’Von crafted up with Norway native Lido. Both releases are a must listen. And I’m sure at least one of them will be a must repeat as well. (Both were for me.) The entire project was written, produced, recorded, and mixed by J’Von with some added bass contributions by proficient producer Erick Grady on Walk Away. It’s quite impressive that he did all that, AND created animations to go along with two out of four of the songs.

J’Von is definitely one to keep an eye out for. His style and craftmanship are both refreshingly unique. And I could tell you more, but I’d rather have you hear it yourself.

So press play below and dive into Orange Suit by J’Von.

From Nigeria, With Love.


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