Missed Calls 2018: Rollin' With the Homies x Tiffany Fred

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Tiffany Fred, now known as Tiffany Red, is no stranger to a wonderfully written song. In the past, her pen has provided lyrics for artists such as Zendaya and Jason Derulo. Back in 2009, she even won a Grammy for her brilliant work on Jennifer Hudson’s self titled album.

More recently, Tiffany has zeroed in on her solo artistry. In August, she released a project entitled Rollin’ With the Homies. The EP certainly caught my attention, with Tiffany showcasing equal parts spunk and sweet.

We are eased into the 5 tracks with slow and steady Dear God featuring Eric Bellinger. The song is more of a prayer than anything. Red sends up requests- not only for the quality man that she needs, but also for help in forgetting the man that she wants, as she knows he is not right for her.

After going on to admit her faults in the love department, Tiffany vows to wait for the right man and to quit entertaining the wrong ones. Eric Bellinger appears after the second verse, crooning out some wise advice and encouraging patience.

Next, we roll into the playful, percussion-laden Don’t featuring Kosine. This song supports the notion that physical attraction can enhance and maximize other feelings. Being “pussy whipped” or “dickmatized” are both possibilities. T pleads on the hook:

“Don’t fuck me that good. If you don’t want me fallin’ in love, hope I wont…”

Photo by  Zac Poor.

Photo by Zac Poor.

Production wise, this song is my favorite from the EP. It is chill, yet also bubbly; a juicy contradiction which pairs well with the juicy subject matter. And if you think this track is NSFW, just wait until Kosine’s verse. I blushed a little, but enjoyed his contribution regardless.

Not long after, we’re rolling up to Mr. Weedman featuring J-Doe. This one takes me back to a time before the reliability of dispensaries existed. Tiffany calls upon her plug, attempting to reup on her favorite green before the weekend. She makes clear her preference of plant over drink.

“Some gon be drinkin’ all night. Me, I’m smokin’ all night, I’ll be floatin’ all night…”

I recall my college days when I didn’t even have a choice between an Indica or Sativa. I usually just had one or two flower options and got little to no explanation of what it was or how it may make me feel. J-Doe’s verse may be the polar opposite of my college experience. He goes way beyond his title of the “Weedman” and delivers the current menu in an impressive fashion, including names and intended effects. Did I mention that he raps the whole thing? How many of your favorite strains does he list?

The EP’s namesake is up next. Tiffany teeters on the line of going out and staying in, settling right in the middle. There’s no need for a packed club with strangers or any empty apartment by herself. Instead, she’d rather be Rollin’ With the Homies, keeping it lowkey with her genuine friends. This track includes features from Mickey Shiloh & Jukebox.

My favorite part is Mickey’s opening line:

“I might live in LA, but I aint with that LA shit.”

I chuckled the first time I heard this. It’s clear that every city has an assumed personality blunder, just as Seattle has the dreaded “Seattle Freeze.” I felt that.

Tiffany finds her mind rolling along roads of the past on closing track I Used To featuring Bre-Z & Bridget Kelly. She claims that she’s not attempting to backtrack as she reminisces on a past lover, questioning how exactly it fell apart and pondering over present day hypotheticals.

It is a beautiful ballad which contains conflicting mindsets- on one hand she claims to not want them back, but on the other, she’s asking “what if I…”

I feel like I know Ms. Fred better after listening to Rollin’ With the Homies. Her vocals are pleasant and buttery throughout, while her content reveals much about her personality and preferences. It’s a well rounded project which touches on love, sex, substance, social habits, and more.

This project is as bright as Tiffany’s fire-engine-red hair. Sometimes, projects with a lot of features tend to sound crowded, yet each feature here seems necessary and rightfully placed. Plus, how could it be titled Rollin With The Homies without homies to roll with? ;)


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