Happy October & Happy Motivational Monday!

Welcome to the first edition of Motivational Monday, A playlist to help you get you motivated on Monday morning & encourage you to keep that same energy until Sunday night.

I woke up this morning and was shocked by the realization that it is really October. September just flew by and the months before it flew even faster. Is it just me or is the year 2018 in fast forward?

Though many may be fine with the warp speed of this year, ready to move on to the next year, “New year, new me” in full effect, I am more focused on the last quarter of this year. One thing I’ve lacked, especially in the second half, is motivation. And what better day to get it going than Monday, the start of the week.

So without further ado, let’s get into the music. Press play to begin. Scroll down for insight on each song. Click “MORE” for additional coverage of each artist. Enjoy.

Glo - ScribeMecca

ScribeMecca is an artist with a very likable sound. Whether the track is more upbeat, or a slower tempo such as this, it is pretty much always good. His flow is undeniable. The man has talent and I don’t think enough ears have heard his music. Glo was released as a single earlier this year and appeared on Scribe’s latest project YungPatronus. It preaches a message of self love. It reminds you that you are unique and capable. Set to mellow yet bright production by Boston’s DJ Grumble, ScribeMecca’s lyrics ring true and you have no choice but to believe and oblige. | MORE.

“Wake up and beast, get on your feet, fuck your knees.”

Ballin - ParisAlexa

This song has served as my alarm clock for the past two months or so, and for good reason. ParisAlexa, Seattle’s Sweetheart graced us with Ballin on her latest EP, Flexa. The Elan Wright- produced track gives us an introspective, dreamer’s anthem which keeps the dream feeling more attainable and the push forward seeming more worthwhile. When I was younger, “ballin” was a term I used to describe someone who could hoop well. As I got older, I used it to describe someone with a lot of money. Now, “ballin” is a description for someone who came, saw, then conquered their goals. I’m not there yet, but I’m on the way! | MORE.

“Yeah, I’m passionate. I work hard so when it pop, it aint on accident.”

Gotta Have It - Alex Vaughn

By the opening lines of Gotta Have It by DMV artist Alex Vaughn, you’re already pumped. The track, with it’s upbeat production and deep drilling questions, has a way of making you want to get up and get to that task that you’ve been procrastinating on. The musical composition is motivating alone, but paired with Alex’s soulful vocals? Another song to start your morning off right. | MORE.

“Are you willing to live for it, die for it? Give all you can give to it, cry for it?”

If I - JusMoni

From JusMoni’s debut album JusMoni as Saffroniaa, comes a gem about self perseverance, If I. Now this track hits me deep. Being someone who has struggled through a time when life seemed meaningless, a time where I considered giving up, the lyrics are relevant. A Seattle native, Moni possesses a certain power that seems to reside deep in her soul, only let loose by her powerful, yet peaceful vocals. It’s a blessing for all who hear it. | MORE.

“If I, If I, would’ve gave up when I wanted to…”

Never See - Blakk Soul

Blakk Soul brings us 2018 content with a 90’s feel. He’s one of the few reasons why I believe that RnB is still alive and kicking. His latest project, Never See gave us variuos perspectives on life, love, and everything in between. It’s namesake, this track, is for the cynic in all of us. For those times when we wonder what it’s all worth. Though keeping the grind going is great, I feel that it’s important to contemplate your “why’s” every now and then. This song does exactly that. If we don’t know what we’re doing it for, why would we do it? | MORE.

“Working hard, taking no breaks. Gotta give em more, so they can’t ignore.”

And that concludes the first edition of Motivational Monday. I hope you found some songs and/or artists that you like, but most of all, I hope you found some motivation.

It is the home stretch of 2018. Let’s finish strong!

Thank you for tuning in and see you next month!


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