About a month ago, Toronto duo dvsn played a sold out show at Seattle's Showbox at the Market. It was an amazing evening to say the least. All in attendance were able to experience the magical equation that is dvsn- Daniel Daley's angelic voice backed by Nineteen85's ingenious production, in a live setting. The cherry on top of that night was the pair's backup singers, whose additional vocals added the extra touch to each song performed that night.

One of the singers received a bit of extra shine, performing her then unreleased solo track and causing a collective sway to grasp the crowd. Her name was Shantel May and she recently made her solo debut. With that same song.

Produced by Nineteen85 himself, Back n Forth is a tantalizing track which brings a romantic candlelit scene to mind. Shantel May's voice is equal parts sultry and sweet as she sings out an invitation for that somebody to join her.

"Don't use your words, use your hands. You deserve, what I got planned. Let's go back to the beginning, when I was just being that girl you were feelin.'"

Attempting to relight a flame that has dimmed, Shantel uses her soulful yet softened voice to spin this delightful song, making the repeat button hard to resist.

Though she is currently still on the Morning After Tour with dvsn, if Back n Forth is a sample of what's to come from the singer, we're ready for it.

Warning: You might want to extinguish any lit candles before you press play below. This song entirely sets the mood itself. Enjoy.


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