Earlier this month, Mister Novela released a 3 track EP entitled PAST. The project is the first edition from an EP collection the New York artist currently has in the works. Self produced, PAST is a compilation of previously unreleased songs, rough drafts as he sees them. He presented the project with this short message:

"Some rough songs I wanted to put out.
They always slap better than the official mix.
Life is muddy, so I rather give ya'll that."

Not to go unnoticed, the EP lives up to its name - a sense of nostalgia is provoked by each track. The time passed seems to have enhanced each piece. Now, each is perceived as a longed for memory rather than a current cut you can't catch a break on.

The first two tracks, Down & Need are light songs with a slower pace. Both posses distorted components to their soundscapes. It's calming and intriguing at the same time.  Ending the project is a heavier hitter, 2 minutes and 19 seconds of steady paced flow, appropriately called 88BPM. 

Now, just a few weeks after releasing PAST, Mister Novela has dropped off a new single, Bounce Back, Come Back, a reassuring comeback song of sorts. The release comes after a brief hiatus from production, yet the break doesn't show in the music, only the lyrics.

Diving into his discography, it's evident that the soothing factor of Mister Novela's music is consistent. It dates back to even his very first SoundCloud release, 2014's Ear Play Ting. He has a good ear for music, no doubt and I'm eager to see what direction he goes with his EP collection. Will PRESENT be a follow up to PAST? ...I guess only time can tell.

Hear Mr. Novela's latest below. I heard comeback season here.


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