He brought us his debut album, Trapsoul, back in 2015. The project, with it's catchy leading single Don't, served as a self introduction from the artist to the world and suddenly, the name Bryson Tiller was seemingly everywhere. 

Bryson possesses this charm, an "it factor" of sorts. Is it his perfectly caption-able lyrics? Is it his incredibly relatable content? Perhaps his ability to serenade you on one track, then drop impressive bars on the next? I haven't quite figured it out yet, but it's undeniable.

Last year, he released his sophomore studio album, True To Self, and though I personally prefer TrapSoul, both albums by the Louisville, Kentucky native are A's in my book.  

Since his last album, Tiller has been featured on a few tracks and has dropped a few of his own, my favorite being Insecure with Jazmine Sullivan, a song made for Season 2 of the hit HBO series by the same name. True to Self track Run Me Dry appeared on the soundtrack as well, among many other fitting songs from notable artists including SZA, Buddy, and NAO, just to name a few.


A few days ago, Bryson took to Twitter and blessed us with a few singles. The one that instantly caught my eye was Normal Girl, a cover from SZA's debut studio album Ctrl. I was curious to see what Tiller would do with the song and after a few thorough listens, I was impressed. He chose to go with a stripped down and shortened version of the track, keeping most of the original lyrics intact near the beginning, then adding his own spin to it, lyrically and sonically, near the end. I like it. Do you?

I'm not sure if these loosies are hinting at an upcoming album or not, but I wont press the issue. Trapsoul & True to Self still remain in my rotation. *Shrug*

Check out Bryson Tiller's cover above and drop in the comments below: Trapsoul or True to Self, if you have a preference.


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