Perry Porter rode a 9 track wave into 2018 with the release of his latest album, Channel Surfing. The album was just a teaser of his many talents, a playful project with a Meatwad-esque narrator, guiding you through the waves presented in each track.

Porter didn't stop there. Whether with mic or paintbrush in hand, he kept things moving, presenting us with delights at every stop. These past few months, his schedule has been loaded, no doubt.

In late May, he live painted at the Seattle Aquarium for Afterhours, a 21+ party of aquatic education, music, and art. On June 1st, he released Better Days featuring ScribeMecca, the first single from upcoming project Paper Moon 2, which will be releasing within the next month if all stars align. The very next day, he took the Blow Up's stage at Upstream Music Fest, performing a music set while live painting. (Or was he live painting while performing the set?) Hmmm...

And he kept it going.

On June 15th, the world was blessed with the most compelling visual of the year, a Come Correct production which will captivate both eyes and ears, Channel Surfing Short Film. That could've been his only release all Summer and he'd he good in my book. (Yes, it is that good.) But he didn't let up. Instead, he took it double time, with 3 consecutive Friday performances:

July 13th- All Star Vintage & DJQJ's Tales from the T Release Party. July 20th- Throwbacks NW Sidewalk Show. July 27th- Support for Seaan Brooks at Alma Mater Tacoma.

And if all of that wasn't enough, he now presents Surf, the first single from forthcoming album Bobby Ross. That's right, Perry has 2 projects up his sleeve. No surprise. He set the precedent with Channel Surfing and has been building up the waves ever since.

The man has been moving, all year long.

Produced by Florida based Cosmic, Surf is an upbeat, cheery track in which Perry talks a bit of shit, (rightfully so) and tells a bit of his story. We still get that eccentric and colorful Perry, complete with his signature energetic adlibs and beat bending ability.

"Real art, all facts. No heart, fall back."

His art speaks for himself. His heart does the same. So hop on a board and Surf with Perry Porter, or stay behind and drown in his crest. The choice is yours to make.


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