Every woman has a breaking point, and Rahale B. has just about reached hers.

Her latest single, So Called Love is a spunky song with a Summer feel. In It, Rahale calls out a former flame for his half-assed, so-called "love." I'm sure most can relate: someone claims to be in love with you, care about you deeply, or some similar notion, but their actions don't align with their claims? Yeah, unfortunately me too.

Like a topping of freshly whipped cream, Rahale's delivery is oh so smooth. Her voice flows into place over the catchy production provided by Los Angeles based producer J.C, and the slight sarcasm in her tone is golden. I've heard her featured on a number on local cuts and it's always a sweet sound.

It's been nearly 3 years since the release of her debut EP, Love Emotions, which was rightfully named. The EP showcases a vulnerable Rahale, expressing the circle of love and the emotions that come along with it.

Then, and even now, her vocals seem effortless. It's as if she was made to sing about love, made to put you in your feels. Currently on a Summer Tour, Rahale is now sharing new music from an EP titled Who Do You Love?. The video for the project's namesake was released on Valentine's Day, and after just a few listens, I dubbed it one of my favorite songs by her. (So far.) This woman is too smooth. Check out the visual below.

Although her tour does not include a Seattle show, I'll be on the lookout for the official drop of the EP, and hopefully an upcoming performance. I'm always a fan of the slow jams, especially when delivered like this. It's quite literally music to my ears.

So this one is for all the REAL lovers out there, taking a stand for REAL love and not accepting that So Called [In] Love. You're doing wonderful sweeties. Cheers.


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