Heather Chelan is 3 for 3.

In January, she delivered spunky track Grapes, where she weighs out pros and cons and ultimately delivers an ultimatum. A few months later, we received Jaded, a reminiscent song about hotter times in a relationship that has gone cold. And now, she drops off My Man. I’m sure you can guess the subject matter of this one.

It starts off slow and sweet. Heather describes her love interest and what makes him special in a calm manner, and you almost think that you’ve got the pace of the song down… That is until about 1:12. Surprise! All of a sudden, the restrained instrumentation and subdued vocals kick it up a notch and she sings out:

“Nobody is quite like my man. He treats me so good, like no one else can. He’s got my whole body in the palm of his hands… Nobody is quite like my man.”

I don’t currently have a man, but I might have sung him into existence with this song. I’ve expressed the desire to see Heather perform live and boy, has that desire increased. The fitting production is provided again by Fred Cox. It’s genius, the musical cadence matching her tone and fervor perfectly. You hear the drums, you hear the guitar, you hear Heather, and it all flows like a stream of fresh water.

We are all thirsty, even if we don’t know it yet. Just take a listen.

In just 3 tracks, Heather Chelan has made me a solid fan. She is consistent and consistently good. She doesn’t release her tracks in a rushed fashion. She waits for her pitch and knocks it out of the park. And I’m sure her man is in the stands cheering. As a matter of fact, I know he is. Because in this metaphor, I’m right there behind him. And I probably have a foam finger.

Listen to My Man below, and perhaps add it to a playlist for yours.

Make him feel as special as he makes you feel. :)