"Woke up in a strange place, right next to a strange face..."

Midwest rapper Sole2dotz adds no fluff to the intro of his latest track, Scumbag. Mere seconds in, we are met with a voice full guilt and disdain, and minutes in, we are told just why. No stranger to showing transparency through his music, Sole.. expresses raw feelings in this dismal and dark track. He admits to his vices, a tough yet necessary revelation to any individual. 

Picking up on the very same page, featured artists Nyanga & Makydajo add their two cents, respectively. They further prove that we can all relate to feeling down in the dumps for one reason or another, personalizing their contributions while staying on the same accord.


I've been following Sole's music for some time now, and a battle with depression and true emotion tastefully lingers in his content. It does not hold an overbearing presence there, but rather, it surfaces as a reminder that while he is an artist, he is also a human, and shit aint always sweet. I've always related to him in that sense, among others.

Still shot from an upcoming MISFIT visual. Photo by  Eirik O'Keefe.

Still shot from an upcoming MISFIT visual. Photo by Eirik O'Keefe.

Scumbag is the first single from Sole's upcoming album, MISFIT, a generous, 14-track project offering. MISFIT will provide a multi-dimensional take from the Chill Gawd, with tracks to please a variety of palates. So while listening to Scumbag, keep in mind that this is just one of many moods. Just one of many. Tune into the  mood board below and be on the lookout. We will be receiving more pieces to the puzzle sooner than later.