It is the year 2018.

News headlines read more like Black Mirror plots, the cons seem to outweigh the pros, and someone on your timeline is asking you what you're mad about... For the 907th day in a row. (Pls Stop.)

The fact that self love gets overlooked quite often is no surprise at all.

International Self Care Day was this past Tuesday, (July 24th), but 24 hours for such a major key will never be enough. Self Love by Francesca Simone & Otieno Terry is a reminder to celebrate in more ways than one. Once I heard the first line of this song, I knew that I would feel it.

"If you saw the pieces of my heart, would the edges and the angles be too sharp?"

Written and performed by Francesca Simone and Otieno Terry, the unreleased track is presented through a performance video. The two sit on a couch with minimal distraction, just her guitar, his mic, and all the feels. With such an intimate setting, it feels as though you are nestled in a comfy beanbag chair right in front of them.

The song touches on the decision to love yourself rather than another.

Among all of the culprits which take up our energy, love may be the toughest. It's not easy to take a step back from expressing feelings for another individual, but it's crucial to make sure your reserve tanks aren't on E due to you trying to gas someone else up. Call it self love.

There is so much beauty in expression through music and this video is a prime example. Although the two are sitting down, their body language shows a passion which cannot be contained. Their knees bounce to the cadence of the music, his hands shake with emphasis on certain lyrics, her eyes clench with determination while strumming her guitar.

It's more than just a voice and a sound that they are putting into the music. It is the very essence

Otieno opens up his set at Upstream Music Fest this June.

Otieno opens up his set at Upstream Music Fest this June.

Back in October of last year, Otieno released his debut album, The Woods. The project was an enlightening journey of sorts, and he each time he graces a stage, he submerges you into a different leg of the journey. It's an experience. He recently joined forces with Heylo Cannabis and will be headlining July's Heylo Sessions.

The opening scene of Francesca's  Still.

The opening scene of Francesca's Still.

Francesca Simone is a Bay Area native who is well known for her guitar playing magic. While she has shared stages with Beyoncé, Kehlani, and many more iconic artists, she is also a singer and songwriter herself. In her debut single and visual, Still, she lets her guitar sing for her in a stunning display, showering us with soulful strums in several settings.




We are gifted with talents from both the Central District of Seattle and the Bay Area of San Francisco. The result is Self Love. The message is beautiful.

Once I heard the first line of this song, I knew that I would feel it. I hope that you will too.


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