When you think about past relationships, what do you remember the clearest?

Is it the parting words, the last kiss, and the exhausting end?

Or perhaps it’s the honeymoon stage, the first kiss, and the blissful beginning?

Most of us have been there before… That perfect part of the relationship when you seem to always be in sync and flaws are nearly non existent?

In a recently released song that sounds just as lovely as the feeling feels, Talaya reminisces on The Beginning and speaks on how easy it is to depart from. 

She sings out, detailing that magical feeling and expressing some uncertainty for the future. Her voice is so soothing and true that it nearly takes you back to the times she speaks of. It nearly causes those feelings to resurface.

“How did we get here my love? It was all smooth sailing, just the two of us...”

Talaya performs an original song at Upstream Music Fest on June 1, 2018.

Talaya performs an original song at Upstream Music Fest on June 1, 2018.

I met Talaya at Upstream Music Fest, when MADlines, an artist and former teacher at The Residency, used some of her set time to showcase music by a few of her students. It was a selfless act, allowing them to experience a festival performance for themselves. Talaya sang and I listened, engaged by the depth and soul in her voice. When we met after the set, I was greeted with an authentic smile, and her radiant personality has stuck with me since that day.

A Seattle native, her musical roots started in the church choir, where she sang for 2 years. And though The Beginning showcases her astounding voice, not to go overlooked is the peaceful production on the track, which she provided as well. 

Talaya recently shared that her focus is on producing rather than singing, and explained how she arrived at this point in her musical journey.

A: So when did you get into production?

T: Last year, I did The Residency and one of the guys said ‘How do you make beats for girls? It’s so complicated and it pisses me off.’

I said ‘Oh hell nah!’ and bought a little Launchkey Mini. (Chuckles)

I actually had a song coming to me at that time and I was struggling to get it out. I saw the MK3 and knew it would change everything, so I saved up and bought it, then fell in love!

I also took an audio engineering course for a semester at Bellevue College. I hated every second, but learned so much. Now I’m really working to manifest what I learned and make a career out of it.

Though production is her main focus as of now, Talaya is not shying too far away from vocals. She enjoys background singing and provided the beautiful melodies heard on Brandon MarsalisBroke, which we wrote about last month.

She’ll also be performing with fellow artist Rose’ at the now sold out BFA show presented by The Residency, sharing the bill with other Residency alum- rising artists including Nestra and previously mentioned Brandon Marsalis, whom we’ve covered in the past.

The Beginning flexes her production and vocal muscles. The results are lovely.

So whether Talaya is singing background vocals, leading her own track, or laying down production, I’m here for it. Her talents are true and her passion is pure.

Press play below and hear it firsthand.


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