How do you spend your 24 hours?

Between work, school, personal upkeep like showering, teeth brushing, styling your hair and getting dressed; caring for a child or pet if you have either, working out, eating, etc, our days revolve around one key measurement: Time.

It can be tough trying to pack all of the above into 24 hours when we still need sleep in order to function properly.

Do you make time for yourself? Do you make time for a significant other?

In his new single, JAMES asks for just a bit of precious time from one he fell out of sync with.

“Let me know when you got time for me… For me only.”

Crooning out in a pleading tone, J admits she’s been on his mind lately. And though they fell off, he prefers her company over anyone else’s. He even takes her schedule into account, suggesting a late night drive, something that wouldn’t interfere with day plans. (How nice.) The production, also provided by JAMES, possesses a hopeful tone, and it’s fitting. He seems hesitant with his request, unafraid to show vulnerability in his words.

The last two releases from JAMES, Good Luck & Hell of a Night were similar lengthwise; both under 2 minutes long. Good Luck leaned on the sour side, a not-so-nice farewell to a prior partner. Hell of A Night, on the other hand, was more of a sweet offering, detailing a sultry night in.

Latest track Time for Me follows suit, clocking in at just 1:31, the shortest of the 3. Is short and sweet a new pattern for JAMES? Are there extended versions of each of these tracks locked away somewhere? Are these all part of a forthcoming album?

Find out on the next epi- naw, just kidding. But go ahead and take the time to hear Time For Me below.


Akunna Amaefule2 Comments