Less than two weeks before opening up eTc's remarkable stage at Upstream Music Fest, MistaDC connected with Seattle producer Jamie Blake to bring us Vegas Girl.

In the smoother-than-satin track, MistaDC finds himself crushing on a dancer from... you guessed it. Vegas. Coming to terms with his attraction to her, he tries to coax her off the stage and out of the flashing lights, straight into his arms. 

The songs begins at a medium tempo, with a slightly somber sound which continues throughout the track, though less noticeable later on. The pace quickens when the vocals come in, creating a more upbeat and groovy feel. But around 1:10, MistaDC drops the hook like honey folding out of a pot.

"Vegas Girl, I think I won the lotto with you. I said Vegas Girl, I think I won the lotto with you...You aint gotta dance for it, no more, no more."

He croons out convincingly. And if the hook alone doesn't urge this mystery woman to leave Sin City with him IMMEDIATELY, all hope may be lost for her.

Praises go to Jamie Blake for the smooth stylings on this song. The DJ/ producer is known for his "wavy life music," usually a pleasant fusion of hip hop and electronic influences. This particular production is wavy, playful, sensual, and so much more. I must say that it's my favorite piece from Mr. Blake. It might just be my favorite from MistaDC also. I can't seem to get enough of it. Hit that play button if you want to figure out just why.

And when you hear Vegas Girl flowing from the sunroof of a Chevy Cruze this Summer, make sure you wave hello to me. I might wave back. :)


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