Back in Summer 2017, Federal Way, WA natives Yohiness & Feezle Man dropped a joint EP entitled 98023.

The project was 4 tracks of slick Summer hits, upbeat songs with telling tales and lessons from The Fed.

Since then, Yohiness seems to have taken a step back from being an artist while cooking up in other creative pots. I’m seeing him DJ alot more now and I’m all for it. This Summer, he spun at Watermelon Sundae, and he recently was a guest DJ at Solid, a fairly new Thursday night event taking place at Alma Mater Tacoma. This is just to name a few. The man is blessed on the boards.

Feezle Man, formerly known as Deidric Harris, has since relocated to Las Vegas, and dropped a few loosies recently, the newest being Qreepz- produced Golden Gloves.

The two did a great job of crafting 98023. It’s a cohesive project and they stay true to their city all throughout. Much respect. Though the EP itself seems to have been removed from SoundCloud, you can still hear the single releases of tracks PDA, Luke’s House, 9 Times Out of Ten, & Back to the Way.

The last track, Back to the Way, was my favorite, so needless to say, I was excited to see a visual finally released.

TownEnt’s Ellis Prescott, (AKA ElOnTheCam), directed this dynamic video which originally premiered via Bay Area collective Thizzler On The Roof. He does a great job with matching the track’s energy and lightheartedness while seemingly teleporting the two artists around their city.

They said they were going Back to the Way, they just didn’t say how they were getting there. Haha.

Check out the visual below.

Oh, and Federal Way, trust we see you.


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