Cover Art by  Perry Porter .

Cover Art by Perry Porter.

In one swift motion, MistaDC announced his forthcoming project, Sorry We Lost You, dropped a single, Get Out, and released a visual for the track.

To say the visual is memorable is an understatement. Though MistaDC seems to release visuals quite sparingly, he ensures that each one makes an immense impact.

The video for his song Sunrays was released last October. The chilling visual portrays DC as the survivor of a tragic accident. He sings of loss longingly, and the video takes a somber tone, filmed in black and white. Sunrays was directed by Brian Hutson.

Get Out, his second official visual, possesses a haunting and hypnotizing feel. The coloring is dismal, with tones of blue and red that are never quite that bright. It’s fitting.

Not to go overlooked are the tiny details which director Justin Frick cleverly folds in. From the bedside lamps illuminating on DC’s cue (“run!”), to the cloaked monsters (or bats?) running amuck in the dark before he comes into frame. His gestures and expressions portray something real. At times he seems in a trance. I believe artist and director both pulled inspiration from Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror film by the same name; Get Out.

A behind the scenes shot of Justin Frick directing MistaDC on the set of  Get Out . (Photo Credit:  Hannah Cartwright )

A behind the scenes shot of Justin Frick directing MistaDC on the set of Get Out. (Photo Credit: Hannah Cartwright)

The first time I heard Get Out, the tune of the hook was stuck in my head for days. It offers contrast; the verses are sung soothingly while the chorus is shouted out, somewhat strained.

“Get out, hide. Better run for your life, cause they’re coming for ya, yeah they’re coming for ya...”

MistaDC mentions “The Boogeyman” in the first verse. He takes on the image of a child, wearing overalls with only one strap hooked, donning a colorful propeller hat, and sitting cross-legged on a bed. While this imagery adds to the overall innocence vs. terror dynamic of the visual, it leads to a question:

What exactly are we running from?

We all know that The Boogeyman isn’t real- never was. The Boogeyman is simply a representation of our fears. Yet these fears may actually stem from tangible problems. And these aren’t just problems we deal with as children. These same issues translate over to our adult lives as well.

So what is it that you need to run from in your life?

MistaDC is no stranger to evoking emotion through song and visual alike. And in this day and age, we need art that makes us look within. We need art that makes us feel. Get Out does both.

Watch the visual below for a sneak peek of what’s to come from MistaDC’s debut full length album, Sorry We Lost You, available on December 7th.


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