New Track City is a name that you'll want to remember.

Hailing from Federal Way, WA, the trio consists of producer Dru & lyricists/brothers Bem & Chi.Stone. If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing them perform live, you know how they come. If not, let me tell you.

| Bem & Chi.Stone at Upstream Music Fest | 6.2.18 |

| Bem & Chi.Stone at Upstream Music Fest | 6.2.18 |

These brothers are in sync, without the 90's boy band feel. Instead, they bring a jazzy, authentic, high-energy resonance to the plate and what you do with it, well, that's up to you. Their latest project, Lose Sight of the Shore, is packed with relatable content. It's a reminder of what it means to go for your passions while losing sight of the shore- letting go of what you think you may need.

They recently showcased songs from LSOTS in a high energy set at this year's Upstream Music Fest. Performing on The Blow Up's stage at Comedy Underground, New Track City captured the crowd in a high energy set, complete with matching baseball jerseys.

Never the type to shy away from their roots, NTC took it back to their childhood stomping grounds for their latest visual for Ghetto, a laid back, reminiscent track off of their latest project. I spoke to Bem briefly about the selection of Federal Memorial Stadium for their visual.

"It's a vital community and cultural landmark. There are memories there. Whether it was from a  first date or first track meet..."

This is apparent. The visual follows Bem & Chi at the Stadium they roved as children, reflecting on then and now, their thoughts renewed as adults.

If there is one thing that is undeniable about New Track City, it is their authenticity. Their music is a mirror image of their lives. They are unapologetically them and that's what we love about them. That's what you'll love about them.

Word is that they're cooking up something special for the month of July. *Birdman Hand Rub* Until then, check out their latest visual below.


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