Spokane is a city that I've let slip under my radar.

I've seen event flyers that definitely interest me, line ups that I'd see without a doubt if they were in Seattle or Tacoma, yet something about the distance was daunting enough to keep me from making the trip... That is until now.

Back in early June, I had the pleasure of attending Upstream Music Fest. The festival gave me the opportunity to not only support PNW artists that I already knew, but also a handful that I did not. One of those artists was T.S The Solution  from Spokane, and he’s kept himself in mind since we met.

First, he dropped Levels, a short, laidback account of the process of elevation. Now, he has released a scenic visual for track G.O. featuring Lou Era.

Backed by mellow and introspective production provided by M-Pyre, T.S reflects on himself, while dishing out a simple request also:

"Give me some room... I need some space."

Putting his beautiful city of Spokane on display, he reps the PNW as a whole by donning a Seattle Mariners hat in the opening scene of the visual, and a University of Washington piece later on.

Starting at the local barbershop, he jets to Ferguson's Café for one of their famous shakes while reading the latest edition of Spokane's newspaper, The Inlander. Next, he stops by a high rise basketball court with a stunning view of the city skyline. On to Kingsley & Scout, a local store which offers Spokane gear, hand painted signs, and more. And finally, he makes his way to Garland Theater, Spokane's only independent encore theater.

I'm thinking the city needs to pay this man, because this video conjures a keen curiosity for the city of Spokane and what it has to offer. Director Carlos Sanchez, (AKA ReelVlogs), did an amazing job capturing an artist in his element(s) as well as the city in all it’s glory. G.O. provides not only a chill and relatable song, but a tour of Spokane as well. And now I want to go. (Road trip anyone?)

Not to go overlooked or unheard are the clever bars and puns enveloped in the song and visual alike:

"Problem child, grew up, I'm still a problem."

"I'm incredibly credible. Card can't decline,” he says while handing over his card at K&S.

”I’ve been on my job, they never applied. They claim to be pros, but fail to provide.” 

”I need some space,” he says, arms outstretched in a seemingly empty theater, smiling in the closing scene of the theater.  

T.S The Solution is a likable person with likable music. He doesn’t hide under a made up persona and I respect that. He has a chill flow that calms you, but also has the ability to turn a crowd up, all while telling his personal stories.

How, you ask?  

I’m not quite sure. But T.S the Solution might have an answer. After all, It’s in his name.  

Watch his latest visual below and fall in love with the PNW with the serene soundtrack of G.O.