It has been nearly a year since I sat down with Seaan Brooks to talk music.

His album When All Else Fails was our main topic, as it was released about a month prior, but we spoke about his creative process and inspirations as well.

Until this day, that interview remains my favorite artist interview to date. And It’s not like I hadn’t talked to Seaan before that day… I had seen him many times in the T, twice in the 206, and several times onstage. But that night, I really saw him. A true artist shines in their element, and Seaan sparkled as we spoke, providing insight on who he is not only as an artist, but as a human being also.

I remember posing my last question. “What should we expect to see next?”

And I remember his response. “We’re going to put out a lot more videos.”

I am happy to say that he was not lying.

Since the late September drop of his latest album, Heaven Only Knows, Seaan has already released two Local Boy Media- directed visuals from the project. The first was Stunt, and most recently, he presented Lambo.

Now I must say that a Seaan Brooks visual is not just any visual. Lately, he’s worked exclusively with two PNW based videographers- LexScope and previously mentioned Local Boy. They choose everything carefully, from the locations they shoot to the timing; from the color grading to the props, and it all comes together seamlessly. Major shout outs to those two directors. They know what they’re doing.

My all time favorite SB visual is LexScope- directed Let It Go.

Lambo comes in as a close second.

Cover art for  Heaven Only Knows  by California based  Kung Fu Benny.

Cover art for Heaven Only Knows by California based Kung Fu Benny.

Lambo was the first song that Seaan wrote for Heaven Only Knows. It is the last song on the album. And it is my favorite track. There’s something about that smooth, laid back production paired with Seaan’s hopeful tone and narrative flow. And that hook, it reflects inner turmoil and wishful thinking. Can you relate?

“I need that lambo, just so I can go fast. Faced a couple blunts, pray to God I don’t crash. Shit been getting heavy, I’ve been runnin’ from the past. And if the cops behind me, swear to God I’ll do the dash.”

The visual follows Seaan riding and moving through the T. He’s mostly alone and it’s fitting. The track is introspective, with Seaan bringing up personal moments and struggles. Local Boy captures those inward looking moments in a beautiful fall setting. It’s top notch Tacoma. It’s so Seaan. It’s soothing to our eyes and our ears. Just press play and see for yourself.

As if these two recently released visuals aren’t enough, I heard that Brooks has yet another one in the works. And I believe it. Just as much as I believe in the Tacoma artist himself.

Seaan Brooks is truly elevating.

And you can either go up with him, or stay on the ground.

Take your pick.


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