Key Nyata recently presented a new visual for Leave Em.

The track comes from the late April drop of smooth rolling project It's A Long Game, and though I'm fairly new to Key's wave, the project title seems fitting. Key has surely been in the game for quite long.

Peep his YouTube page and you'll see visuals dating back 5-6 years. You'll see a fresh faced Key Nyata, long before the locs were swinging from his head, frequently with locs shielding his eyes. It's hard not to draw comparisons between him and a young Eazy E. Key's flow is definitely smoother and more laidback in a way, yet his production selection is reminiscent of Eazy's era.

Still shot from Key Nayata's 2013 visual for  Thx Gvrdxxn.

Still shot from Key Nayata's 2013 visual for Thx Gvrdxxn.

Though Key Nyata's content includes reoccurring reefer references, he always seems to have a message intertwined with the smoke. The lyrics mirror his mindset, referencing interpersonal relationships, real life struggles, and his own coping mechanisms.

I found my favorite track of his to be The Shadowed Diamond, from a mixtape of the same name which was released back in  2013. All in all, It's a song about elevation through the bullshit. Who can't relate?

Key’s latest offering is a more solemn visual which he dedicates to his late [brother], Kari Cash. Leave Em portrays him on his Soloboy tip, speaking on his focus,  (multiplying his wealth), and leaving behind those who aren't in line with his growth.

"That's why I leave em, I been dreamin’ heavy forever. If you love me, help me get to this cheddar, or whatever."

The visual is filmed in mostly black and white, with red and blue tones appearing throughout, and mild visual effects rightfully placed by director Yungtada to accentuate the message.

Let this track be your reminder that it's okay (and encouraged) to move on from anything and anyone that may be holding you back.

Go ahead and Leave Em, just like Key Nyata. Visuals below.


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