Travis Thompson is making sure that he doesn’t go unheard.

The proud Burien, WA native is making moves this year, and we’re starting to hear and see him more often. He dropped off his debut album, Ambaum, back in 2016, but it was his late May sophomore release of YOUGOOD?, which has really caught on, even catching the attention of Club 907.

Thompson didn’t stop at just the album release. He kept the momentum over the summer, appearing on various outlets. First, he spit a Friday Fire Cypher on Sway’s Universe, then he crunched out some Breakfast Bars on TRL, and he kept the ball rolling on LA Leakers. He put on for the PNW each time, spitting verses hot enough to remind viewers that we do indeed have talent out here in Washington, just in case anyone may have forgotten.

Travis has this jovial flow and a knack for loose storytelling, with cohesive content which he doesn’t stray too far from. Though his solo efforts are pleasant to hear, his collaborations are an even sweeter treat. The distinct differences between he and the artists he creates with is the key to an equation that usually works. For reference, check out Macklemore’s Corner Store featuring Travis & Dave B. Or perhaps YOUGOOD? standout, True Religions featuring Nyles Davis.

The talent is undeniable. And now we witness it in his latest visual, Mobbin’, a 10 Deep release featuring Lazā which he recently presented in video form. It has been out for just shy of 2 weeks and has already racked up over 245K views.

And for good reason. The track was produced by Nima Skeemz & Elan Wright, two Seattle based producers making history at The Ruby Room. Check out this City Arts article to learn more about those two musical magicians.

Their production here has a catchy, hometown feel to it. It’s cool, calm, and collected, which is a perfect match for Trav’s good humored tone against Laza’s jazzy wordplay.

Laza, formerly known as Misundvrstood, is a partially hidden treasure. I first heard of her last year, enjoying her clever bars and takes over well known production posted to her Instagram. New name, same game as she is clearly still working, perfecting her flow. She recently collaborated with PARISALEXA on track Hothead. The results were equally impressive and I can’t wait until she releases new singles, as it seems that all is now erased from the Misundvrstood era.

Mobbin’ shows these two unique artists kicking back in the neighborhood with more than a few friends. (Dare I call it a block party?) The video was directed by Dylan Fout and you may see a few familiar faces. You will most likely catch your head bobbing by the end. Just go with it.

If you know what’s good for you, you’d check it out. Trust you won’t be disappointed.

Watch Mobbin’ below. And keep an eye out for these two. They are hard to miss.


Akunna AmaefuleComment