In her latest visual, Tacoma's Ta7j is truly in her element.

An artist whose flavor you've probably never tasted, her sound is quite literally wavy. When she sings, it lifts, curves, bends, and twirls. Her vocal range is impressive, rising up to nearly a falsetto at times. The emotive adlibs she provides highlight the depth of her music and personality alike.

In Smokin On This, director Alex Alexander captures a carefree Ta4j. She takes a bike ride through the city, stopping by the water to enjoying her serene settings. Backwood in hand, and fresh Doc Martens on foot, she expresses love for her favorite plant.

While my first time seeing Ta4j perform was at eTc's open mic night back in late March, I've had the pleasure of seeing her on a handful of stages since then. She vibed out on the Street Sounds' Stage at this year's Upstream Music Fest in June.

Ta7j is joined onstage by  Taylar Elizza Beth  during her set at Upstream Music Fest 2018.

Ta7j is joined onstage by Taylar Elizza Beth during her set at Upstream Music Fest 2018.


Two of her songs appeared on Volume One of Hall of Fame Vintage's Limited Edition Tales From The T Cassette Tape. Executively produced by top notch Tacoma producer DJQJ, the tape highlighted the musical talent in Tacoma quite well. Ta7j tastefully opened up the release party at Airport Tavern, which was an intimate show, but one for the books regardless. If you missed it... Yikes. And if you don't know the other featured artists, you should get familiar. She is in great company.

This tape is now an iconic Tacoma music artifact, in my opinion.


What I love about Ta7j  is her outright eccentricity. Her light personality oozes through her music and performances alike and I love that I'm seeing her more often. You should be too.

So roll one up (if you please), and watch a carefree woman Smokin' on This.