People - Blaison Maven aka King Blaise aka Crenshaw King

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King Blaise by  KACEY LYNCH

King Blaise by KACEY LYNCH

Blaison Maven is a Los Angeles born and bred MC with a heart of gold and bars to back it up. We met Blaison in Los Angeles - he quickly became one of our favorite local artist in inner city LA scene. He's phenomenal live and it only took seeing one show and being blown away before he was on our radar. Since meeting Blaise he's worked with the SVNDLAAT's Jeanleon and built quiet the Soundcloud presence. He was even gracious enough to fly to Tacoma for the eTc grand opening and put on a helluva show - enough to have attendees from Seattle there to see ILLFIGHTYOU asking about how we got him to show and who he was. That's why he is a perfect addition to our People feature. Learn a little more about Blaise below.

1. What do you do??

I'm a professional public speaker for myself, the homies, my family, and my city.

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

I wake up, and thank God every morning before I leave home. I listen to beats, Check emails, text a few people, and prep my mind for the day. By 11am I've already seen what it is that I have to do for the day and I'm out the door.

3. Favorite garments right now and why?

These custom Selvedge Hundreds denim. These are mad old. Hella seasons ago. But I finessed and people fuck with em. Gotta Thank my dawg Umi for these. The second would have to be this waterproof camo jacket I got  from this Japanese brand based in London called 4649 Worldwide. It's been summer all year so I'm looking forward to pulling that out the closet soon


4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

You guy's are pretty much on top of shit to be real. But one Brand + Boutique that I do have to shed some light on is Finally Made out of Tuscon, AZ.. They are the center of the city's streetwear culture. They remind me of eTc, in representing don't have to have a brand coming out of the most popular city. As long as the quality of what your providing is A1, people will appreciate it and in return is adding value to the city.

5. After work I....

Meet up with the homies, talk shit, or lay up with a lovely young lady and just lax out.

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good?

Last movie I saw was Katt is back. Some classic Katt Williams stand up shit.. That shit was Jokes.

7. Plug yourself..

@BlaisonMaven. Crenshaw district x (G)uards all day. Shout out Club 907

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