People - Andy Hyppa aka A Hyp aka Dabber Dan

It's rare to meet someone from Tacoma with unwavering pride, pride that is apparent and not some form of 'bangwagon' because a local school wins state in football or basketball. Someone that can recite top 5 local hip-hop acts from the past two decades and basketball players that left their mark enough for younger generations to wax poetic about being able to see it live and in action once upon a time. Andy Hyppa is all that and more a real life Tacoma rep from Old Town to 96th and Hosmer, he knows. A. Hyp was also one of those outstanding baller players himself and comes from a family of hoopers that take their craft seriously. These are the types of characters we have been waiting to shed light on and we think it's about time you get to know a little bit about Andy Hyp - the Tacoman.


1. What do you do??

I try to be positive, first of all..and I shoot jumpers and smoke medical marijuana to calm my nerves. I also work at a production job from 7-545 out in Federal Way, working with dental zirconia. (4 10's plus lotta fri-sat o.t.) (oh and im an avid local music/food critic, as well as a relative of the local basketball community) I went to Stadium, c/o 98' most talent on one team ever.

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

Morning routine on work days is I get up at 5 a.m. to carry my daughter to my gf car so she can drive her to the grandparents house for the day while we grind & then I go lift some light weights drink water & run down Bridgeport or put up some J's at the Pearl Street Y, then come home & drink coffee, smoke & watch the news & shower then drive to work. Non work days, still wake up by 7-8, sometimes earlier & go get donuts at Le Donut on the Hilltop or if im lazy i'll hit Pao's on 6th which is closer to my crib, drink some coffee and smoke & listen to music while going ham on wack rappers on my twitter. (y'all know who you are)

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

Favorite garment right now is this plaid Great Northwest Clothing Co. jacket, it'll keep me warm as the winter approaches & in the warehouse at work as it gets colder. Also, its an XLT and didn't fit my 6'9 supervisor, you probably see me on IG in it. Also my grey Carhartt beanie, my Tupac hat & the grey eTc tee wit the chronic leaf.

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

Carhatt WIP (Work In Progress)

5. After work you.....

After work I like to relax and enjoy a good dinner and unwind with a green flash IPA or some good, new IPA and just spark some trees and relax with my family. Work on dribbling drills with Kaylani, do some role playing as pirates searching for lost treasure or watching Lilo &

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

Neighbors. & I thought it was funny, I laughed alot and i fell asleep too, so i had to watch it later that night & then the next day lol..still, the shit is funny af, s/o my guy Seth Rogan, he's almost funny as me.

7. Plug yourself....

I used to only wanna hoop, I played some college ball. The passion most of these MC's/Producers (artists) have is the same passion I had when I was pursuing my basketball career, so I became engulfed in the local rap scene, trying to make a difference by exposing good/bad music and to help shine light on the artists I develop friendships with or simply gain a liking for their work because its dope. I talk on the ILLFIGHTYOU tape. That's low key my claim to fame, haha. I'm always honored when I think back on those days. I'm on the intro & outro of '92' and on the outro of 'NEWS' & I'm cooler because of it. Also would like to share that I own the best jumper in Tacoma. I'll also go left so quick & pull up so sharply at the elbow that you very easily could tweak your right ankle during the process as you continue to float to the right as I elevate for my shot. Come see me at any park in the Tac, call me out for $, it will make me play harder. Follow me on IG A_Hyp, I post what's on my mind. Find me on vine when you have time & you probably already stopped following me on twitter (@A_Hyp) I'm outta here, hope to see y'all around town, smoking out & or eating out. 


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