People - FIVE aka WESTSIDE5IVE aka Julien aka The Mack

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5ive Hundreds & counting.... Photo by Kacey Lynch

5ive Hundreds & counting.... Photo by Kacey Lynch

There are few people that I have met on my journey who have the ability to tell it like it is and not like it was - this is a man who lives by that code and plently other lost codes and dialects of the neighborhoods he grew up in and around. LA has a sense of pride that is matched only by New Yorkers (if there must be a comparison) and that pride stems from people like 5ive that have seen the streets from both perspectives at a young age. LA is the place people from other places go when they feel like the need 'more' - Five is an example of understanding how to use that abundance effectively to improve quality of life. From Nowhere to everywhere and he's got the culture at his disposal. So meet Five Hundreds the face of RSWD and CEO of Player Hour ENT. 


1. What do you do??

I sell rapper kits to every person who think there fly lol, but my real job is running The Hundreds LA & keeping it playa at all times.


2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine?? 

My mornings are pretty tight , I thank god , take a shit, brush my teeth, roll a blunt and shower, find a fit to put on and my shoes of the day and go get this OPM


3. Favorite garments right now and why??

I like all my clothes there one of a kind! But if I had to pick this jersey Ben hundreds gave me with tupac last name on the back its a red wings jersey close to the one he had on when he spit at the cameras in NYC & of course my OPM Flight Jacket courtesy of OPM in Company - it's rare AF.


4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

You guys are doing a great job at staying current with the fly shit , your very awake


5. After work you.....

Smoke blunts and text whatever girls I didn't text back in the day time


6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

The Mack , story of a regular hustler turned pimp on his way to the top in 1970's Oakland , greatest movie ever made!


7. Plug yourself....

I'm that nigga! Follow my life on the Internet : everything social Westside5ive s/o Umi! That my nigga! 

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