People - Aramis aka Young West Vill aka Yung Resume

Youth, in general, are so tricky nowadays. And I don't say that to mean they have a bunch of different aspects to their skill-set arsenal. What I mean by that is they want a cut corner catalogue to map out their path in society. It's a shame but it goes for a majority of the young homies that we have attempted to mentor and establish so form of consistent work ethic where they were failed or resist to from home training. Aramis is not a product of his generation - maybe that's why he's self-proclaimed stuck in the 80's and an avid fan of things retro. I figure - if you want to make history you need to see the history in all things - Aramis does. His intensity to be the next thing that you can't say no to is inspirational - he sees no way of failing and that's the kind of foresight you have to no have sometimes to change the world - no plan b. So it was only right we provide him with the chance to introduce his lifestyle ideals. Meet Aramis. He gets it. 

1. What do you do??

I make art in the hopes of inspiring my generation and those to come and run around tacoma and lakewood and do hood rat shit with my niggas when I’m not in the library (the library is my studio) and try to peach following your dreams and being yourself and oh yeah I also go to school at UW T cuz don’t get it twisted a nigga got brains.

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

Well every morning I wake up at the different times but for the most part its usually the same thing get up check twitter sit there try and finish homework I didn’t do the night before and then get up shower get on some I’m gonna change the world shit and ether got to school or start working on some type of art when i don’t got school

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

I just bought a trench coat last week and it had all the old ladies in the store chosen haha one of them was hyped just to touch the coat lol its a London Fog and those jackets are choice so I mean I don’t blame here but I like it cuz its choice and real 80’s and makes me feel like I could do some real nigga shit at any moment in that hoe.

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

Fuji cuz films back lol well for me at least and they make film and not a lot of people shoot film any more so for the basic people aka lightskin movement they are unaware of this brand ahah yeah go cop that and if you don’t shoot film you should cop me some

5. After school you.....

After school… I usually go kick it at etc for a little or head home to go work on whatever ideas I had throughout the day if i can still remember and work on art for the rest of the day or if I’m not feelin creative I listen to music and watch 80’s movies and work on getting my tumblr poppin and west village hot online. 

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

I just watched The outsider (80’s movie) but thats a classic and for anyone out there who think they to hard to get sad over movies watch that and tell me how you feel after its over(Stay Golden Pony Boy)

7. Plug yourself....

My name is Aramis I make every time of art beside dance(i still be giggin tho (; ) but west vill the movement follow your dreams do what you want be a leader not a follower and all that and don’t strive to be different strive to be you. I'm me, thats what I do and I think people like me shah but check out my art and shit .  me and my niggas doing hood rat shit here

yeah i think thats all of it so check me out ahahaha

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