People - Jess aka MisSF aka Kev's Crutch

We have met the full spectrum of personalities on our travels. Every time we meet some one who understands the culture and posses the same passion for it as us - it's refreshing to the soul. Jess is no exception - since the discovery of The Whole Nine (of which she is co-owner) or maybe their discovery of us - we have been enlightened with a new perspective of the culture. It has become more intriguing over a short period of time to see how she views design and how in tune with mainstream trends one can be while playing in unchartered territory - so this feature is a learning experience for us as much as it is for you. And we must say it's all the more reason to stay tuned to growth from one of the more organic minds we've met as of late. Meet Jess Ms. SF. 

1. What do you do??

I'm a student at San Jose State University, currently interning for a nonprofit organization, and I work as a fitness assistant at a gym (aka scan IDs, talk shit about people, and play good music).

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

Coffee is a must. I like scrolling down my Twitter feed to cap on all of my emotional ass homies expressing their feelings like Drake. I throw on some Dom Kennedy Radio via Pandora, and then I usually transition into some Bay Area slaps if I'm in a good mood and feel like getting hyphy in between classes. I really fuck with Pi$tol Whip on SoundCloud, especially since she's from the Bay! 

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

Since its October and my team is killin, I've been recycling all my Giants gear throughout the month. Typically, though, I have this super comfy grey beanie that I always keep on me in case my hair starts to look a mess. Its lowkey my security blanket. Not gonna lie, my sock game is pretty strong. Also, I really fuck with my ETC Tacoma Sonics long sleeve and my Benny Gold Dolores bucket hat.

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

Empire in the Air! Their stuff is pretty dope, and they do it all for a good cause. S/o Francesca and Chris! FAZE Apparel! S/o to Herbert!! He's the man.

5. After work you.....

Hit up my dude, Kev, to simp over the phone. Think about what I should eat for dinner. Count the days down until I can turn up and then sleep into the next day.

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

The Good Fellas - You already know its a classic!

7. Plug yourself....

Be on the lookout for THE WHOLE NINE!! Shoutout to all the homies at the SJSU Sport Club and the day ones in San Francisco (fuck kids who claim SF but really be from Daly City). Shoutout to my roommates for taking care of me. I love yall! Find me on Twitter and IG @Missfit93. 


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