eTc x CLSC

The brand CLSC may be considered the new wave of street wear and the faces amongst the crowd that stand out in this small industry. It's a positive thing though considering where the industry is going vs where it came from. There was a loss of hope when the celebrity industry started to get their hands on and into things. But it also had the positive effects to cause the industry as a whole to produce more money all depending on who is hot and wearing it. CLSC for the most part has been able to find the right kind of connections, organic moments with celebrity faces, that put two and two together. They are good friends and it was exciting to watch milestone after milestone. They work hard, stay organized and develop strong relationships. Until burning bridges is necessary.

Enough about those nerds. HA! On Christmas Day we are releasing a WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS sweatsuit collection. The hoodie host two custom designed rings and the back re-enforces the graphic. The bottoms are cut n sew, a custom design by CLSC that they debuted with the release of their Family Pant for Winter D2. 

Perris WrightComment