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Photo by: eTc_Perry

Photo by: eTc_Perry

Singer, song-writer and Eastside bred Blakk Soul has been through all the ups and downs of an aspiring artist. But it is a testament to his work ethic that his peaks have been much higher than his valleys. We at eTc have seen it all first hand and still marvel, but are not surprised, at the fact that from talent shows to Spotify he has remained the same solid character. This holiday season he release his first Christmas album in collaboration with Rapper Big Pooh - it's called Holiday Jukin and is a splendid piece of work from start to finish. You can sense the chemistry Rapper Pooh and Soul have together after a few years of friendship and Soul being featured on Pooh's last album. He has forever been a local supporter particularly of the arts community and he's always been Club907 so we caught up wit Soul to introduce him to you. You'll be seeing him around quite a bit. 

1. What do you do??

Bust dope melodies over Fresh beats! lol

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

I hit the snooze button 3x.  On the 3rd time I turn on some old school funk like Parliament "One Nation Under A Groove" or some EW&F to start my day.

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

These mesh highlighter yellow cross trainers, my 10 deep hoody (that I got from eTc of course) and my beanie.  Essentials for comfort and warmth.

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

I don't know about clothing brand but brand of music I feel is slept on comes from Tiffany Gouche and Iman Omari.  Wake up! Their vibe is 3heavy!!! 

5. After work you.....

Hit the gym, hit the bottle, hit the studio, hit the sheets. If I'm lucky hit some skins in between studio and sheets ya kno, flap my wale tail mane lol 

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

Documentary on the Dream Team.  I still love the game of basketball.

7. Plug yourself....
Twitter & IG: @BlakkSoulMusic

Vine: New Jack Soul

Everything Else:

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