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There are a lot of amazing friends I have made along the way with amazing talents and ambitions endless - Drew is one of those people. Thus far he has made me look at my own ambitions and prowess with inverted vision, at what we can be doing more of and how we can water our seeds properly to grow here at eTc. I was fortunate enough to watch Drew take the time necessary to move from a DJ to producer and double back around to become prolific at both to some. What is more impressive is how he took his vision and friendships and meshed the two to create what you know today as 40s&Shorties a sock and under garment brand that is carried by easily 50+ retailers worldwide. I stalked Drew's email a few weeks ago and asked him to participate in our 'People' post here is what he had to say. 

Our big homies over at The Hundreds released a more extensive feature earlier this week on the 40s&Shorties back story too. Read up, get inspired, eTc.

1. What do you do??

DJ/Producer/Part Business Owner

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

It depends, when traveling on the road there is no routine at all.  At home, I usually like to work out first (boxing gym or running), than go through some emails.  Handle what I need to for 40s & Shorties, than start working on music. 

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

Hats and white tee's, always.  Always wore hats growing up so its just apart of me, and white tee's cause i love simplicity.  

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

I honestly wouldn't know lol.  

5. After work you.....

Sleep. lol. if i take some chill time, i kick it homies. Do the typical shit, watch movies, drink, eat, etc.

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

Last movie i watched was America History X.  on Sunday actually. One of my favorites. Honestly haven't seen anything new in awhile.  I may check out that Interstellar flick.   

7. Plug yourself....

twitter and IG: Drewbyrd (and 40sAndShorties)
holler at me. 

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