Long time Tacoman MC Leon Swanks is back in the TOWN this Summer with every intention of making tsunami type waves. We at eTc have followed his craze for some time - even before he found Leon Swanks as a new and improved moniker we were right there paying attention, listening closely. He has pased street credibility and looking for the local crowd. Seeing Swank's catalog grow and watching him prepare for Summer's end to release new material, which he's worked on everyday for the past couple of weeks has been an exciting and often jaw dropping spectacle to take part in. So for eTc it's been a honor-  not an option to be able to reach out and sponsor the lyrical onslaught that is set for the entire month of August. TheAugustRun.



The first song of TheAugustRun is Vanilla Crush mixed and recorded by producer GMK of the Skymen. It tells a story of the older Leon Swanks - when Tacoma once knew him as Lockcity. But with the help of GMK and the evolution of Swanks sound it comes across as amazing song formatted and meant for the summer weather, whether you're on the road cruising the TOWN or in the shop enjoying our blaring music. We gave it the iPhone speaker reference as well - and nothing disappointed us. So here is the first of many Vanilla Crush by Leon Swanks and GMK the Great. TheAugustRun. Don't get lapped.