The one man band: Scott Sternberg

There is a Kaiser in every generation and genre of fashion. The argument could be made that from an Americana, iconic, look Ralph Lauren has cemented himself as the all-time fan favorite. But, per the usual, the 907 opinion is quite different. Scott Sternberg has infiltrated the runway and fashion forward closest everywhere (not just America) and his aesthetic is completely the "hanging out in a modern loft or going to the lake cabin with friends" but Sternberg does it all while being fashion and more specifically fit conscious. He does it (Americana) without being as uniform as Thom Browne but he has his own trademark features that help confirm a piece is Band of Outsiders on any clothing rack from Barney's to Butch Blum. We want you to get to know him better; our hope is it will help you see the new clean cut, simplistic wave of the American modern man and understand why. We consider Band of Outsiders to be the Brooks Brothers for the youthful customer looking to trick out the traditional. Click his photo for the full interview conducted by A Continuous Lean.