Wax Wednesday #1 - Commerce Teriyaki

Teriyaki is our favorite food hands down. We would could and have, at one time, only eaten Teriyaki food for months at a time. A good teriyaki sauce can be like liquid gold. Our love for teriyaki honestly comes from the fact that asian cultures are so cemented in Tacoma - you can almost guarantee that once every 10 miles in any business districts of the TOWN that you will pass some certain of asian cusine and a number of them will be teriyaki or at the very least serve teriyaki chicken. So naturally we started with Commerce - since it's just up the street from us.


1. Food prep time - Tooo fast. We almost wanted to tell them to take it back and try again (food that comes straight out was NOT cooked then - it was cooked a lot earlier. 

2. Quality of Ingredients - The rice was obviously NOT fresh and the texture was too rough - a clear sign of rice prepped too early for serving. The veggies weren't were they needed to be either - uncooked and chip-like crunchy cabbage isn't something we have ever enjoyed. The chicken and beef we the most well prepared items. 

3. Portion control - Granted it was still around the lunch hour when we ordered 3-4is that still doesn't excuse the lack of protein applied to our plates. Katsu is usually a very heft portion and when chicken teriyaki is default there is no excuse for not stacking the plate. 

4. Menu diversity - The menu isn't bad it has all the necessary dishes but we aren't to inclined to try and thing else. 

5. Customer service - The people were friendly and polite - they didn't have any problem going to the back and scooping us up a few light portions of their last prepared. We enjoyed the service with no complaints. 

6. Ambiance - The environment is much like your regular teriyaki joint. Not much of an elaborate lay out. There were tables for sitting and dining. Light wall decor that featured vintage Tacoma scenery. Makes it easy to enjoy the wait-time on pick-up orders and easy on a day date with the right one. 

7. Overall Taste & Rating - Outside of the ambiance Commerce was not an enjoyable experience. The food was not up to par and the portion wasn't nearly as much as expected or needed for the hour. Our rating is loooooww for Commerce but you don't have to take our word for it.