KnightmareUSA is a Los Angeles based apparel brand manufactured and operated by one of the original minds working behind the scenes at the beloved Hall OF Fame LTD located at 499 N Fairfax in LA, CA.

Often too modest about his place in a legendary crest of a company who is now king in their respective subculture, Rome keeps things very mysterious - figures. The name of the brand itself is enough to elude to the fact that the graphics are a little darker and more ambiguous and/or arbitrary than the usual forward, witty grit of most rarewear T shirt companies. So far the company's graphics have been all typeface altered versions of the company moniker "Knightmare". Look out for eTc to collab with KnightmareUSA on something special in the future.  KnightmareUSA makes excellent fleece as well. The Strictly Business pullover is almost gone from inside the shop - shop eTcTacoma 907 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA.