Releasing products on holidays and special occasions are some of the funner collections and products that we get to produce. They are so focused that an idea maturates out of thin air some times. When you think about the holiday it usually has a couple of strong motifs already connected that make easily relatable. Fireworks really only work twice out of the year but the image of them exploding over a powder blue and white mountain was the vision. 

Deep down in the gut of eTceTera we wanted to release this on July 4th prior to opening the store and throw a BBQ as a way of letting the TOWN know we came to make noise. In order to make sure the store was open on time and to do so without cutting corners we had to sit on the idea. 

So as December came to a close we knew that we had our second chance. We couldn't miss it. We re-drew the mountain, applied the fireworks, the LTD Edition 2015 side hit and kept the numbers very limited. This one was out of there from the start; over the fences after the pitch. We hope you got your hands on one.... or two. 

Perris WrightComment