Tacoma has been long overdue for national acclaim when speaking in terms of hip-hop. But ILLFIGHTYOU has been changing the tide with features in prominent print mags and online. Fader has been friendly and keeps an eye on their movements, then there was the producers to watch mention on for Khris P and Glenn released his first solo single at end of 2014 garnering a positive response. The pace is set for this year and straight out of the gate is their biggest show to date in Tacoma - at the historical Jazzbones for Glenn’s birthday.

In addition to the turn up is the release of new merchandise – the second collaboration with eTceTera. Art director Kevin pays attention to detail and illustrates the spirit of the ILLFIGHTYOU band and their chaotic interaction in front of what is now the clubhouse – eTcTacoma. The personifying graphic comes on black only in T-shirt and pullover form. Available today both online and in-store. 

Perris WrightComment